Innovative Healthcare Electronics Drew Large Attentions on CES Asia 2017

​​Richard Jun Li, vice president of Innova Research was invited to serve as a judge at the "CES Asia Innovation Award Program" which was participated by innovative electronics products from both Chinese and multinational suppliers exhibited on the "CES Asia 2017" exhibition held on 7-9 June 2017 in Shanghai New World Expo Center. According to the official data released by the organizer, over 450 exhibitors from 22 countries exhibited on the show.  

While a large number of innovative electronics products were presented, innovations in healthcare electronics devices drew large attentions from visitors. These included electronics systems for sleep management, infant body temperature detectors, and smart underwear for women, among others. One of the sleep management systems use voice recognition technology to recognize snore, and when a snore is detected, the system can release micro vibration or micro voice, which is claimed to be able to stop the users from continuous snoring, and therefore improve the sleep quality.

Body temperature detectors for infants contained soft and thin temperature sensors, which can be easily attached to baby's armpits. Using an APP, users can trace the real-time body temperature from time to time on their mobile phones. Another smart women underwear was embedded with temperature sensors, which can sense the cyclical changes of users' body temperature, to indicate the periods of ovulation, or to detect some gynecological diseases.  

With the middle and upper class in China paying more attention on their health, and the relevant technologies, including smaller, thinner, and softer sensors and battery systems, have been improved, the growth of innovative healthcare electronics market is likely to accelerate in China in the next few years. However, as Richard Jun Li, the Vice President of Innova Research pointed out: "The growth of the healthcare electronics market still depends on the performances of the devices, such as the measurement accuracy of the body temperature detectors, and the users' experiences. The markets for innovative healthcare electronics will grow only if both the performances and users' experiences are proven to be acceptable, if not excellent."


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