Innova Research Won Consulting Project to Prompt the Use of AI Technologies in Elderly Care Service in Shanghai

Innova Research won a consulting project to provide strategic advice on how to prompt the use of Artificial Intelligent (AI) and other technologies in elderly care services in Shanghai. The project, sponsored by the Shanghai Overseas Returned Scholar’s Association (SORSA), aims to map out the AI and other technology types that are relatively close to the market adoption, by assessing their market needs, technology maturity and cost feasibility. Based on the analysis, suggestions will be made on how to better utilize the AI technologies in elderly care service, and which technologies should get the priority in terms of government policy supports to accelerate their market adoption. This is the fourth consecutive year for Innova Research to win technology and innovation policy consulting projects with SORSA.

The Chinese population is aging rapidly, especially in some large cities such as Shanghai. According to the statistics released by the Shanghai Municipal Government, by the end of 2016, 4.58 million, or 31.6% of the city’s population, were 60 or older. Among these, around 1.9 million were more than 70 years old. The rapidly aging population dramatically increases the demands on elderly care and other relevant services, while AI and other relevant technologies are believed to be able to play a role to improve the quality of the life of the elderly by making their life more convenient and safer, and to ease the pressure on the shortage of elderly care services in the city.

Richard Jun Li, Head of Research at Innova Research commented: "The fast aging population in China creates huge demands on AI and other relevant technologies, including but not limited to voice recognition, voice control, remote health monitoring and the relevant data analysis. While many such technologies are still in their early stages, some are close to the massive adoption. Government policies and other supports should be primarily given to the technologies that have large demands, good technology maturity and cost feasibility, to efficiently prompt the use of the selected technologies in elderly care services in Shanghai."

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