Innova Research Delivered Keynotes at 2018 International Graphene Industry Development Forum

Innova Research was invited to deliver a keynote speech at the 2018 International Graphene Industry Development Forum held on Jan. 29-30 in Beijing. Organized by Zhongguancun Graphene Industry Association, the forum invited high-profile keynote speakers such as Prof. Zhongfan Liu and Prof. Yunxin Liu, both Chinese Academician of Science, and attracted hundreds of graphene researchers and industry players around China. Richard Jun Li, Head of Research at Innova Research, presented the company’s latest findings on the global graphene market and the graphene technology trends to the audiences on the forum.

Innova Research has been conducting market research for graphene as an emerging technology since 2015. At the beginning of 2018, Innova Research published “Top 9 Global Graphene Trends for 2018,” which received strong attention from graphene industry experts. In China, the graphene market has grown rapidly, and the adoption of graphene has gradually been seen in a few industries, such as the anti-corrosion coating industry, while the adoption of graphene in many other applications, such as in sensors, is still at early stages.

Richard Jun Li, Head of Research at Innova Research, commented: “Graphene has been regarded as one of the key strategic new materials in China and has received a lot of attention from the government and investors. Although the graphene market is still small both in and out of China, Innova Research believes that the massive adoption of graphene in some applications will be seen in the next few years. Innova Research will keep monitoring the market and the emerging graphene applications for our clients.”

Source: Innova Research