Chinese Graphene Market Revenue Jumps More Than Tripling

According to the latest survey by Innova Research, the Chinese graphene market revenue for 2015 was estimated at $6.1 million, a 335.7% jump from $1.4 million for 2014. Innova Research will soon publish detailed analysis of this market in its 2016 edition of the world graphene market report series, entitled “Turning Great technology into Great Profitability – The Global Graphene Market Update 2016”.

Significant progress has been made on the adoption of graphene in a number of industrial applications in 2015, including namely touch screen, anti-corrosive coating, and lithium-ion batteries (LIBs). These adoptions are the primary reasons for the soaring Chinese graphene market revenue in 2015. The Six Element, one of the leading Chinese graphene suppliers, achieved massive graphene shipment expansion for touch screen sensor and anti-corrosive coating, mainly to smart phone and offshore wind power players, respectively. Meanwhile, the adoption of graphene in energy storage field was also accelerating. Graphene is regarded as a feasible way to improve the performances of LIBs and other energy storage devices, such as to extend the life cycles and to enhance the energy capacities. Leading Chinese LIB and supercapacitor makers have started trials to use graphene enabled batteries in electric vehicles, electric bikes, and other consumer electronics devices. While the size of the Chinese graphene market is still small, the tremendous revenue growth seen in 2015 is an encouraging signal for not only graphene suppliers, but also the industry players seeking to incorporate graphene in their current products, as well as the investors in graphene related fields.

Dr. Nancy Wu, the Research Director of Innova Research, pointed out: “The breakthrough of graphene adoption in smart phone and anti-corrosive coating in China will accelerate the adoption of graphene in other applications. In the coming 2016 world graphene market report, we will rearrange the growth potential for the 16 major graphene applications based on the latest market development. These applications include LIB, supercapacitor and anti-corrosive coating, thermal spreader, conductive ink/film, SiG anode, radio frequency identification (RFID), sensor, among others.”


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Source: Innova Research